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House Linden


Working directly with the owner of this beautiful property in Bishopscourt, we created a range of screens that have become a bold feature. Perfectly fitting with the tree lined roads of this Cape Town suburb, our Sagano pattern brings a modern but organic edge. Curved screens at the driveway entrance begin the look, a façade gives privacy over windows but also allows light, screens as wall art give the front door more emphasis and the back cottage has its own set of wall mounted screens.

Application: Cladding & Feature Walls
Architects: N/A
Size: 58m2
Material: Aluminium
Pattern: Sagano
Photographer: Litem Photography

How can we help you?

Our team of specialists will offer advice on the most effective screen approach, material, pattern and colour. Tell us what you need and we’ll use our design expertise and solution driven mindset to help. Browse our pattern portfolio and colour swatches to see what options are available and we’ll do the rest.