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At the helm is owner and executive director, Greg Cooke, with the management team completed by Kelly Cooke and Will Theron. Currently, Tilt consists of 10-15 employees, mostly designers and machine operators who use their skills to bring innovative architectural ideas to life.

At the heart of Tilt’s business is the belief that beautiful design applied to functional architecture can express a brand or person’s unique personality. Formed in August 2012, Tilt has achieved 80% – 100% year on year growth.

Our clients include architects, interior designers and architectural landscapers. Tilt recognizes that no two projects are the same – our products are expertly designed and manufactured specifically to suit your project requirements. Next level technology and production techniques, a trademark of Tilt.

Tilt has Level 4 BEE status with full procurement recognition.



Greg Cooke

Greg is the founder and driving force of Tilt. His vision and drive, combined with an in-depth understanding of technology ensures that Tilt stays ahead of the curve.


Kelly Cooke

Creative and brand savvy, Kelly inspires the convergence of design and functionality, a Tilt hallmark.


Will Theron

Will pulls it all together, managing people and processes so that the Tilt experience is as memorable as our products.