to Tilt Screens


Unique, Bespoke, Innovative Laser Cut Divider Screens


Our vision is to be the leading brand in our industry by creating state-of-the-art, custom-made cladding and screening that goes far beyond just aesthetic appeal. Architects, interior designers, and architectural landscapers have recognised the superior visual and functional value of our products. By incorporating them into their beautifully considered design concepts, creative boundaries are constantly being pushed, redefining the status-quo.

Tilt was formed in August 2012 and has grown from strength-to-strength. Our unique and innovative vision is driven by the management team of Greg Cooke, Kelly Cooke, and Will Theron. Together with our team of experts, we offer design, production, logistical and installation services throughout South Africa, including Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

Advanced technology and production techniques are a trademark of Tilt and combined with our in-house skills, have given us the capability to craft unique solutions for the hospitality and commercial industries as well as for private residences.


The patterns of our facades, cladding, and decorative screens are designed to marry emotion as well as offer optimal practicality.


Distinctive, functional, beautiful. We bring ideas to life.


For all enquiries or more information, please contact us. We are excited to work with you, adding further distinction and value to your project.

Tilt has Level 4 BEE status with full procurement recognition.


Greg Cooke

Greg is the founder and driving force of Tilt. His vision and drive, combined with an in-depth understanding of technology ensures that Tilt stays ahead of the curve.

Kelly Cooke

As co-founder, Kelly pulls it all together, so that expectations are met and the Tilt Brand continues to be known for bringing ideas to life.

Altus Van Zijl

Creative and product savvy. As the Head of Design, Altus drives the convergence of design and functionality, a Tilt hallmark.