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Perforated panels with purpose.

Whether you need a new take on a classic product or want to introduce new meaning to your environment, let's talk about our innovative solutions. The possibilities are endless with our architectural feature screens and wall panels, offering versatile design solutions that don’t compromise on form in the name of function.

We’ve developed a unique product concept that allows you to choose from high quality materials, unique patterns and a choice of finishes. If you can’t find exactly what you need, we will gladly work on bespoke concepts, bringing your ideas to life. No compromise.

Facades and Cladding

Distinctive. Structural. Well-being.

Architects have lifted facades from being primarily about pleasing aesthetic values to the role that it plays on structural stability and the influence it has on the well-being of those who live or work in the environment.

Dividers and Partitions

Stylish. Versatile. Exclusive.

Our panels are carefully designed and manufactured with function in mind. Useful for both interior design and exterior architecture applications, our screens can create privacy, partition spaces and so much more.

Balustrades and Railings

Robust. Striking. Lightness.

With the highest fabrication quality ensuring safety, Tilt presents inspiring and contemporary architectural designs for balustrades and railings to edge staircases, balconies and mezzanines, providing openness and lightness.

Enclosures and Covers

Modern. Creative. Effective.

Whether it's a low-rise or high-rise building, screening concepts for concealment are becoming increasingly complex as modern architects push the limits of creativity, arriving at diverse functionalities. Architectural enclosures and covers must be weather-tight, control incoming lighting, allow ventilation and minimise heat losses and gains.

Pergolas and Sunscreens

Efficient. Airy. Custom.

Indoors and out, our screens can offer shade and as a result reduce heat by deflecting sunlight. Offering shade within pergola structures or as perforated louvres over building openings, they become highly effective additions to any build.