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Benefits of Micro-perforated aluminium.

Enrich the building aesthetics through colour and panel layouts to create a functional second skin. Our experienced team of experts will specify internal structures and assembly options to better suit your project, with the opportunity to customise colours and orientation.

From multi-storey facades to simple ventilation infills, MPP applications are vast with the block modules designed to cover large areas, and perforations to conceal from the outside and ventilate within. Our MPP panels have the potential to optimise energy savings, contributing to efficiency of a building and the well-being of occupants. 

High strength and impact resistant, they offer benefits in security while adding aesthetic value. Depending on the primary fixing surfaces, less structure and fewer points are required due to the built-in structural integrity of the wave design.

Minimising material wastage, optimising functionality and elevating design appeal is so important to us. Our MPP comes with either 5 slat panel profile at 297mm or 11 slat panel at 650mm, and can span up to 2 metres, which means faster and more economical installations. 


Long Lasting.

Structural strength & durable composition to withstand harsh outdoor environments.



Rigid and resistant. Excellent surface flatness and levelling on mass surfacing & coverage.


Mass Finishes.

Visual consistency. Guaranteed quality finishes throughout whole batch manufacture.


Can add benefits of thermal & acoustical insulation qualities to a building.


Efficient to CNC machine & requires less structure to install on large volumes.


Available with or without pattern. Both very large or very small apertures possible.

Some applications.

External facades and feature panelling. 
External staircase cladding and concealment. 
Exterior boundary wall panels and extensions. 
Privacy screens and entrance canopies. 
Balustrades and balcony railings.
Juliette balcony and window screens. 
Architectural trims and eyebrow features. 
Perforated louvres and shades.

Internal dividing screens and partitions.
Sliding screens.
Pergolas and sunscreens. 
Staircase screens and panelled railings.
AC covers and pipe concealment. 
Internal wall cladding and wall features. 
Gate cladding and infill panels. 
Guardhouse and entrance features.