Expression. Functionality. Something unique.

Facades and cladding creates a unique architectural language and expression, providing a symbiotic alliance with walls, ceilings, floors and furniture and other accessories. Floating walls, designer partitions and facades marry functionality with a unique aesthetic appeal.

Our experienced team of specialists; designers and fabricators will specify quality materials, industrial design approaches and production techniques to develop unique products that use minimum materials with maximum effect.

We're here to help.

Our team of specialists will offer advice on the most effective materials and design approaches. Show us your ideas and our design team will bring your concepts to life in our unique way.

Browse our pattern portfolio and colour swatches to see what options are available. Custom designs are available on request.

Our team of experts will:

Recommend design approaches and technical details.

Provide shop drawings and specifications.

Fine tune patterns to suit critical functionality.

Conduct site assessments and take final measurements.

Manufacture high quality products at competitive pricing.

Manage logistics and installations.