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Laser cut screen canopy

Say hello to cooler & more efficient spaces.  With Lofti

Mini-mising to the max.

Lofti is part of a new range we’re developing at Tilt with efficiency at the heart of every concept. For starters, we’re bring you a set of canopies that focus on making buildings more efficient, streamlining material and components and making it so easy to install that your uncle Joe could do it, if only he had a head for heights.

Comfortable working environments, cost effective living spaces, affordable temperature control, shading and sun screening, environmentally savvy solutions and inexpensive architectural products that look unique, are some of the requests we get from you all on a regular basis. We bring you Lofti. 

Well-designed buildings with environmentally friendly solutions aim to use more passive design solutions that reduce the amount of energy consumption throughout. Sun control becomes a major factor as blocking direct sunlight at key times of the day and allowing light during the cooler months, better regulates the temperature and lowers the gut crunching costs of electricity (or prevents the reliance on it).

With this as a goal, our canopies will help to manage and maintain internal temperatures so that they are more comfortable spaces to live and work in. Depending on your choice, some will help to reduce glare and provide you with a level of privacy that working remotely will feel remote, at last!

  • Functional is fun.

  • Lofti is an architectural building block... the paint on your brush and the ink in your koki. Modules that nest along a building, over windows and doors, where shading and sun control is needed. Simply choose a colour from our range and a pattern to perfectly suit the style or level of shade required. It becomes a customisable feature, where you add your mark to the exterior of the build.

    The patterns vary in aperture, with degrees of shading due to the percentage coverage vs. light passing through. The amount of shade varies depending on the location, time of year, height it’s installed at etc. but generally speaking our 610mm depth will lower internal temperatures as much as a typical roof overhang which has the potential to achieve up to a 60% reduction.
  • laser cut screens


Not only are we all about lowering energy usage - We designed this product with less material and components in mind. Fewer processes are used, thanks to our industrial design and fabrication experts who are also passionate about making unique products quickly and efficiently.

The added benefit, it’s easy to install because it has integrated brackets and minimal fixture requirements. So you won’t need too read through pages of instructions or drill to many holes, if you want to install it yourself.

All-in-all we think that’s a plus for everyone. 

So if you’re interested in finding out more about Lofti or would like to place an order - please contact our team directly.


Let's talk.



How can we help you?

Our team of specialists will offer advice on the most effective screen approach, material, pattern and colour. Tell us what you need and we’ll use our design expertise and solution driven mindset to help. Browse our pattern portfolio and colour swatches to see what options are available and we’ll do the rest.