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Easy maintenance.
Exceptional weather resistance.

Blend Aluminium Composite Panel is a composite comprising a skin of two aluminum sheets sandwiching a polyethylene/ modified mineai core, produced in a continuous and integrated co-extrusion process. Blend panels have varied uses, which range from exterior and interior cladding to decorative uses. The thickness of the aluminum skin and the over all thickness of the aluminum composite panel are based on the clients requirement


The possibilities are endless with our architectural feature screens and wall panels. We’ve developed a unique product concept that allows you to choose from high quality materials, unique patterns and a choice of finishes. See examples of practical applications below.




exterior design


interior design

Interior Design

Other Applications

  • External wall cladding
  • Curtain walls & internal wall finishes
  • Building arches, fascias & soffits
  • Circular columns, spandrels & beam wraps
  • Dados & wall canopies
  • Any other high stress use
  • Balustrades & elevators
  • Interior partitions, internal doors & ceiling panels
  • Kitchen cabinets, countertops, cupboards and benchtop
  • Public & commercial display walls and
  • Advertisement billboards
  • Shop signboards & showroom finishes
  • Kiosk panels, display cases & exhibition stands
  • Hospital, school and shopping mall interiors

Features of Aluminium Composite Panel

Premium raw materials
The Blend Aluminium composite panel is formulated using the finest raw materials, which meet or exceed all NCCA and AAMA industry specifications. It is guaranteed against risks such as delamination, deformation, de-glossing, and loss of color fidelity.

Industry certified
Blend Aluminium composite panels meet all European standards such as EN13501-1 to which the products Blend ACP (FR-B1) and Blend ACP (FR-A2) currently correspond, within the range of non-combustible materials (B2) through to combustible materials (PE) according to Regulation (EU) No 305/2011.

State-of-the-art technology
The Blend Aluminum Composite Panel is manufactured using cutting edge technology, and highly sophisticated automated machinery to minimize the risk of human error..

Quality above all
Blend operates under a rigorous quality control system, with continuous monitoring by highly trained and experienced personnel. By using a unique coding system. Each panel is individually tracked for quality through the entire process, from pre-production until it is dispatched, each batch of material is tested and certified by the SGS for assurety and consistency of product.

Excellent torsion strength
Manufactured using the most advanced equipment and strict quality control, the Blend Aluminum Composite Panel features excellent torsion strength and bending strength under heavy loads.

Outstanding fire retardant characteristics
The Blend Aluminum Composite Panel with a fire retardant Core is certified by the SGS to meet the EN13501-1 grade A/1 European standards. The core comprises of a modified mineral core with fire retardant properties.

Exceptional weather resistance
The Blend range consists of fluorocarbon [PVEY] coating which has strong cohesion, alkai and acid resistance pollution resistance and chalking resistance UV light, the guarantee for which is upto more than 15 years. The high durable polyester and polyester finishes are also part of the Blend range.

Easy processing and installation
The panel is lightweight and therefore easy to process. All cutting, milling, planning, slotting, side folding and curving can be easily carried out using simple tools (subject to the Installation guidelines / manual)

Superb impact resistance
Blend Aluminum Composite Panel has good impact resistance, toughness and bending rigidity. It will not be damaged or abraded by sand

Easy maintenance
The panel can be easily cleaned with water.