Aluminium Laser Cut Sliding Screen

Zen Living: Redefining Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

Indoor and outdoor spaces don’t need to be separate entities anymore. Rather, they can be strategically linked by a clever use of architecture and appropriate décor. Your home and the natural environment can be combined to provide a peaceful, light-filled sanctuary that echoes the concept of zen living.

The word ‘Zen’ means ‘meditation’ the benefits of which include increased self-awareness and enhanced emotional wellbeing and therefore, it makes sense to integrate it into your home.You can blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors by incorporating our aluminium sliding screens as an architectural, functional and decorative feature.

A recent residential project in Camps Bay shows how our sliding screens provide visual and spatial continuity between a lounge and patio area. The screens elevate the open-concept floor plan that offers immaculate views of the ocean with no clear break between outside and inside.

Responding to weather changes, the versatility of our retractable sliding screens can still provide you with the comfort of an enclosed living space offering shading and privacy when needed. Your pattern selection can further enhance the notion of a Zen space. In this particular project, a bespoke arabesque design was the perfect representation of body, mind and soul.


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Other benefits our screens contribute to zen indoor/outdoor living

  • Zen responds to seasonal changes: This is where the functional features of our aluminium screen really shine. Aluminium can be used for indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Our screens elevate an open concept floor plan and visually connects the space.
  • Provides open and immaculate views: Floor-to-ceiling windows are a perfect feature for architects to use for the maximum amount of daylight to radiate through the home.
  • Adds natural light.    


Today, architectural and design trends are all about blending all the comfort of the indoors with the outdoors. Whether you choose to create an outdoor dining area, living room or outdoor bar, by strategically blending our aluminium screens into an indoor/outdoor living blueprint, you can tell a special story that flows smoothly throughout the home. The idea of having an indoor style outside can now be a reality.

For more great ideas here’s a fantastic article by Isabella Caprario;  How to Create an Indoor/Outdoor Space That’s Fun and Functional.