Restaraunts with Decorative Screens by Tilt

Decorative Screens in the Restaurant Scene

At Tilt, we’re delighted to be a part of the restaurant scene through decorative screening.

Today restaurants are about more than just good food. When we go to a restaurant we expect an experience that draws on all the senses beyond the plate in front of us. People expect the restaurant to have a story to the food it serves and the spatial design it presents, an atmosphere that is unique and vibrant and that creates a one of a kind dining experience.

As a result, restaurant owners are investing more and more in the planning and designing of their space. With the focus on creative design concepts and themes to create a flow to the interior design of their restaurants. Allowing for a uniqueness that attracts customers.

At Tilt, we’re delighted to be a part of this restaurant scene through decorative screening. Working with talented interior architects and designers to help bring concepts to life. From exterior screen applications such as our copper coloured Hajar designs for the Dar Es Salaam, News Cafe Terrace screens (Pattichides and Partners) to vibrantly graphic interior dividers for various Nando’s restaurants throughout Africa (Reddeco). As well Asian-inspired designs for Koi Menlyn (Samantha Muhlbauer), and authentic raw steel for the Copper Club Eateries in Cape Town (Sam Pudney). Together with design-feature partitioning for the recently opened SushiBox (Zeanne Design) at the Cape Town Silo development, and finally sophisticated organic cladding designs at Rockets Lolita’s (Soda Custom).

Restaurant design now sets the stage for the ultimate dining experience and our decorative screening and cladding is making an impact.

Whether it’s by communicating the brand story, the authenticity of a brand or uniting a design theme through the interior of a space. Our screens and cladding become a very effective way of contributing to the whole look and feel. Consider the types of pattern, material & colour options available and get in touch with our team to find out more.