Tilt Screens | The Essence of Pattern

The Essence of Pattern

We’ve been super busy creating some inspiring additions to our pattern range. Patterns have always been an evocative decorating tool to create a mood and strong visual theme. With our screens, it becomes possible to bring functional screening and mood enhancing decoration into a space and architecture through one unique product.

Deciding on a pattern to incorporate into an area is sometimes difficult. Consider patterns that inspire you and reflect the mood you want your environment or space to embody. They liven up a room, add the illusion of space and create a sense of continuity through a feeling of balance, harmony, contrast and movement.

For example, natural patterns like Sagano in an urban environment make us feel connected to nature. Surrounded by grids and straight edges, hard surfaces and artificial lighting, patterns inspired by nature introduce flowing lines, can make a sensorial connection to wood and other organic materials within the space, they mimic natural forms and introduce a sense of harmony.

Adding to our organic pattern range is our Tropi pattern, which is inspired by the recurring organic texture of leaves and creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere through form, light, and colour.

Motivated by geometric shapes of rich and vibrant cultures we added to our global patterns with Mahal, Hajar and Tamrin. Inspired by balance, stability, and unity these patterns create a sense of order to a space and reflects a sense of decorative spirituality.

While it is important to consider the emotive associations when choosing a pattern for your screen it is also essential to consider the functional aspect of a pattern, such as the size. Large scale patterns open a room and make a space feel bigger, our Macula pattern is an example of this.  Whereas smaller patterns add interest and often compliment various other elements in a room, adding privacy and concealing light, as can be seen in our Ideo, Okinawa and Zenit patterns.

Patterns are the heart of our screens and are ultimately the essence of a space and design solution. So when choosing a screen make sure the pattern embodies both mood and function as to create your very own personalised space.