Tilt Screens | The Decorative Nature of Light

The Decorative Nature of Light

Perforated screens create an enticing play between light and shadow through pattern.

Our perforated screens have always been a unique addition to any space; adding pattern, texture and colour. But have you considered how they also have the ability to sculpt and transform light?

The patterns cut, combined with certain material properties can influence the shape and quality of light and shadow formed. Natural light flows through delicate perforations to give a diverse range of beautiful and unique shapes that play across a space. Be it interior or exterior, to bring a sense of visual drama to an area. Different patterns produce different effects and allow for various aspects of shading and privacy to occur based on the intricacy of the design.

This manipulation of ever changing light through pattern is an important consideration for any Architect or Interior Designer. Something that can be transformed from an intangible natural element to a beautiful decorative detail formed through our screens.

In actual fact, our perforated screening is such a versatile architectural feature that it not only has a way of controlling light but airflow and privacy throughout a space.

Take a look at our patterns portfolio page for some unique bespoke designs to create your very own decorative play on light.