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Shaping Spaces

Finding functional decorative design solutions isn’t always easy, but at Tilt, we pride ourselves on balancing the two in such a way that the products we design and manufacture can tick both boxes. Introducing products that add to the personal experience of a space by improving the spatial arrangement or navigation within an environment and creating a decorative feature.

By applying multiple panels to form a decorative partition, our screens can be used to guide people through a space, create privacy in open plan areas or to simply divide a space.

A project we recently completed for a contemporary office space in Cape Town shows a series of hanging screens made from aluminium composite. This 3 panel approach functions as a partition, arranging the workspace effectively to enable a better flow of traffic and more privacy. The hanging approach is ideal for a lighter looking screen solution, suspended above and below using a mid-weight cable system, it appears to float in air. The wider pattern openings add to this sense of lightness, creating a partition that will never feel like a harsh barrier.

A series of screens we did for the recently opened Century City Hotel, form a partition between the reception and elevators. Highlighting a spot to sit and to orientate visitors to and from their rooms, the arrangement of the panels along with the pattern add their own set of bespoke features to this beautifully finished space. Towering at over 3500mm high and made from steel, they have a level of aesthetic lightness and contemporary elegance.

Applying a series of screens can really add value to a space, doubling up as a feature wall and a partition. These days we love our open plan spaces, but at the same time spatial flow is essential to help manage how we use a space. Our various screen designs allow for a wide scope of aesthetics from material, pattern and installation approach. We are always happy to offer advice on the most suitable approach for your project.