Our new range of Spring inspired patterns

Spring Inspired Patterns for Laser Cut Room Divider Screens

Throughout history, designers have taken inspiration from the natural world, where form and function co-exist to create beautiful organic structures, intricate networks, and flowing shapes. Great minds have taken solace and drawn ideas from the earth’s stunning landscapes and towering mountains to create some of the most remarkable man-made structures in the world.

It’s clear that humanity has a deep connection with the natural world, and it’s no different in the Tilt’s office. The innate kinship with the world around us served as the inspiration behind our 6 new eye-catching patterns.

Our botanical range has been developed from the shapes of flora, providing both contemporary repeat pattern and random pattern approaches. It attempts to understand the controlled chaos that’s evident in the network of plants, trees, and undergrowth in forests and velds.

Our organic range, developed from a wider spectrum of the natural world and science, is a modern take on random pattern but always with a sense of familiarity. Think rock formations, animal print, and cellular structures. With this range Tilt attempts to understand the science behind the beauty in nature and how it provides a foundation for the abundant life around us.