Tilt Screens | Its all about Nature

It’s All About Nature

Designers are often inspired by the natural world. So too are we at Tilt.

We gather ideas for our patterns from Mother Nature all of the time. You can see these in our Organic and Botanical pattern ranges. Although many trends come and go, some repeat over a 7-year cycle, but designs derived from nature never grow tired. Whether it’s leaves on a large or microscopic scale, resemblances of water or stone, we as humans have an intrinsic bond with nature and find that not only does it often bridge the gap between our architecture and the surrounding environment, it also brings us a little piece of calm within our homes, cities and indoor spaces.

Such is the case with our ever popular Organic Stone pattern. This project pictured was a collaborative effort with architect Joeke Monteiro for a residence in Leopard Creek Country Club.