Inspired by all that is art deco

Inspired by all that is Art Deco

Patterns for laser cut room divider screens; Past to Present

The Art Deco style embodies the swag, glitz and glamour of the 1920’s and early 30’s.  Think Great Gatsby – a celebration of life in its most luxurious form – luxury and grandeur in both form and function. With bold geometric patterns, hard angles, mood enhancing lighting and the gleam of mirrors, Art Deco is an iconic style that will forever inspire.  Such is the case with one of our latest projects that indulges in the magnificence of this style at The Residences, Crystal Towers hotel in Cape Town. Greeting you at the entrance is one of our unique bespoke designs inspired by precise lines, bold geometric shapes and brushed metallic finishing – showing a modern take on Art Deco. This eloquent feature wall, behind a reception area, demonstrates how our screens can bring a dramatic transformation into a space.

Here are a few guidelines on how to use our laser cut room divider screens to incorporate some elements of the Art Deco style into your space. Have a look at our material and colour options: Aluminium and Aluminium Composite are available and may suit best, in burnished copper, brushed silver & sparkling golds. Patterns that mimic this style, range from complex lines and swirls to fan-shapes and bold geometrics. Whether you choose something bold or more subtle here are some patterns that may inspire you; Medina, Maya and Circa, Sioux and Paris patterns. Other elements to consider are retro style lighting, furniture with distinct lines, fabrics with zigzags & stripes and polished floors.

Incorporating all these elements along with our screens should help you create the perfect Art Deco-inspired space and reignite your passion for this era of glamour. And on that note sending thanks to Source IBA for the opportunity to work on this project, as Jay Gatsby would say – Contact us at [email protected] for more information OLD SPORT.