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Decorative cladding with access panels | Tilt Screens

We’ve Got It Covered

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Very often there are objects around us that have a crucial role to play in the function of a building or home but aren’t so nice to look at. Air conditioning units, pool pumps, service pipes, water tanks etc. These things just never fit in with the architectural aesthetic and require a bit of care and attention. We’ve recently been involved in a range of interesting projects where our screens provide the perfect solution to this problem; decorative cladding with access panels.

Our wide range of patterns with different opening sizes conceal to whatever level is required. From contemporary organic designs to repeat mesh-like perforations, the options are endless and can add personality and style to any build.

In Hermanus at the Whale Coast Mall, an electrical transformer is screened from neighbouring homes. We transformed a wall of air conditioning units at a Total Garage into a bespoke cladded feature which concealed the units whilst still allowing for air to flow. In Blouberg, we applied our Splint design to conceal a pool pump for residential apartments. To help conceal a water tank for a homeowner in Camps Bay our Stone pattern was the perfect cladding solution to complement the surrounds.

There’s no end to the innovative uses of our panels, with screening solutions for a diverse range of applications. We’ve got it covered.

Tilt Architectural Feature Screens

Design at First Sight

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A reception area is one of the most important elements of an office space, as it is one of the first things a client sees when they walk into a company. We know first impressions last, and therefore the way the space “greets you” is just as important as the people who meet with you.

Balancing the design elements to ensure the type of reception your space offers is one that personifies the identity, culture and essentially the brand itself is a tricky balancing act that requires professional expertise. The interior architect must be given a real insight into the brand essence, company culture and personality wanting to be communicated through the space.

Our screens are frequently used to form part of this design language and through this, we’ve had the opportunity to be a part of some great receptions. Recently our unique designs have formed eye-catching features for two quite different projects; Bryte Insurance and BBM Law, both in Johannesburg.

Collaborating with decorative screens for offices on the Bryte Insurance project, our screens form a unique feature light box behind the main reception. Utilising the corporate logo as a decorative repeat component in this pattern, the charcoal grey, and gold screens introduce a strong brand identity element into the aesthetic detailing of the space. Lit from behind and covering a 50 square meter area, the screens create a dramatic feature wall.

Greeting you at the entrance of the reception area at the BBM Law offices our screens transform into metallic urban grids representing sections of Johannesburg’s streets. Showing off our Aluminium Composite material in brushed gold these feature walls turn maps into striking visual showpieces.  Thank you to Paragon Interiors for allowing us to turn your concept into reality.


Exterior Balustrades

Creative Boundaries

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Balustrades and Design

Exterior balustrades have always been used as a functional and decorative element to a building. Now with the advancement of manufacturing processes – the possibilities for pattern applications are endless. A recent project for the Hollow on the Square hotel in Cape Town demonstrates how our perforated screens transform into a 32-meter long balustrade. Forming and transforming a walkway into a plaza-style cafe experience. Enhancing the space, not only through functionality but through design, our leaf inspired Tropi pattern, mimics organic elements and brings dappled shadows that compliment the large tree-lined square that the hotel is situated on.

Coetzenberg Stadium, a current project in progress, brings the concept of pace and speed and dynamic movement through pattern design and application.

Here are 5 benefits of using Tilt screens for balustrades.

Create a contemporary look and eye-catching feature

Robust and weather resistant

To allow a feeling of light and privacy through pattern design

To give the illusion of space

For more information contact us at info@tiltscreens.co.za

Design Solutions - Decorative Restaurant Screens | Tilt Screens

Decorative Screens in the Restaurant Scene

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At Tilt, we’re delighted to be a part of the restaurant scene through decorative screening.

Today restaurants are about more than just good food. When we go to a restaurant we expect an experience that draws on all the senses beyond the plate in front of us. People expect the restaurant to have a story to the food it serves and the spatial design it presents, an atmosphere that is unique and vibrant and that creates a one of a kind dining experience.

As a result, restaurant owners are investing more and more in the planning and designing of their space. With the focus on creative design concepts and themes to create a flow to the interior design of their restaurants. Allowing for a uniqueness that attracts customers.

At Tilt, we’re delighted to be a part of this restaurant scene through decorative screening. Working with talented interior architects and designers to help bring concepts to life. From exterior screen applications such as our copper coloured Hajar designs for the Dar Es Salaam, News Cafe Terrace screens (Pattichides and Partners) to vibrantly graphic interior dividers for various Nando’s restaurants throughout Africa (Reddeco). As well Asian-inspired designs for Koi Menlyn (Samantha Muhlbauer), and authentic raw steel for the Copper Club Eateries in Cape Town (Sam Pudney). Together with design-feature partitioning for the recently opened SushiBox (Zeanne Design) at the Cape Town Silo development, and finally sophisticated organic cladding designs at Rockets Lolita’s (Soda Custom).

Restaurant design now sets the stage for the ultimate dining experience and our decorative screening and cladding is making an impact.

Whether it’s by communicating the brand story, the authenticity of a brand or uniting a design theme through the interior of a space. Our screens and cladding become a very effective way of contributing to the whole look and feel. Consider the types of pattern, material & colour options available and get in touch with our team to find out more.

Nando's Supports South African Design Solutions | Tilt Screens

Celebrating Contemporary South African Design Solutions

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South Africa is a colourful country known for its ethnic and cultural diversity, a place where design solutions and creative expression flourishes in Art, Culture and Design.

South African design has become so trendy within the world of Interior Design and Architecture that it has played a key role in re-defining global perceptions of African design. It has become a modern interior design sensation through the exploration of geometric shapes, vivid colours, organic materials and textures, all elements that combine to create a visual melting pot of contemporary expression.

Interior Designers, Architects and Creatives alike have embraced the South African aesthetic with its rich and diverse personality and style, with brands like Nando’s leading the way globally through their restaurants. Collaborating with over 50 South African designers they have embraced and utilised the skills of local talent to create colourful, vibrant and unique authentic spaces, showcasing contemporary South African design solutions at its best in every Nando’s restaurant around the world.

With creative direction from South African creative, Tracy-Lee Lynch, functional design pieces such as furniture and lighting were designed specifically for Nando’s restaurants to create an authentic African experience. Local designers such as David Krynauw and Pedersen + Lennard to name a few have been a part of Nando’s inspiring journey to create vibrant bold spaces that combine urban and traditional energies to produce the ultimate authentic African dining experience.

Collaborating with the accomplished interior design agency Reddeco Interiors, Tilt is happy to say that we too have been a part of this eclectic mix of local designers and have produced bespoke dividing screens for Nando’s restaurants throughout Africa.

The most recent projects being, Nando’s Gaborone and Nando’s Palapye, Botswana. Showcasing our Circa and Brooklyn patterns, our screens add to the decorative and spatial design of the restaurants, creating functional partitioning and adding to the mix of colour and pattern.

The African aesthetic is making waves around the world and local South African design has never before been so significant to the realm of contemporary design.

We must admit we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it all.

Should you be interested in South African design solutions in terms of our decorative screening, please contact us at Tilt Screens.

Credits – Interior Design by Reddeco, Photography by Malan Kotze.

Office Dividing Screens | Tilt Screens

From Corporate to Cool

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Gone are the days where office spaces are dull and grey.  More and more companies are embracing the idea of a creative work environment, creating spaces that breathe innovation and inspiration as well as using a company’s brand culture.

Such has been the case with our most recent corporate projects; where our dividing screens have been used to add visual interest to the office environment, bringing an element of pattern design to the space as well as helping to zone areas.  Our Organic – Zara pattern gives a modern flair and energetic feel to the minimalistic interior of a creative publishing agency, Pure Publishing. Similarly, our Geometric – Ora pattern adds an opportunity to reflect a more symmetrical formal element to the casual area of a finance office, Torus Capital. Each bespoke dividing screen adds some creative flair but also helps in contributing to the workflow, layout and ultimately creates functional pockets of productive workspace.

Functional Patterns - Decorative Screening | Our screens have always served a purpose from dividing a space to creating privacy, but have you ever thought about how your choice of pattern can influence the function of your screen. Tilt Screens, Manufacturers, South Africa

Functional Patterns

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Our screens have always served a purpose from dividing a space to creating privacy, but have you ever thought about how your choice of pattern can influence the function of your screen.

From an obvious perspective, patterns are often used purely for their aesthetic appeal, whether you like the boldness of a geometric pattern or the natural flow of an organic pattern, patterns add personality and style to any space.

While your pattern choice [and colour] will define the look of your screen and add to the aesthetics of a space, so can they become useful in terms of concealing an object or area, providing privacy or creating shade.

Our patterns vary in terms of the level of detailing and size of the cutouts. Our Nova pattern, for example, is a detailed design where strings of dots run across the screen allowing the least amount of light through. This design is perfect to use when wanting to conceal an object or an area.

In contrast, our Drift pattern, used on this set of screens at a contemporary office space in the Portside Tower, marginalises the openness between reception and boardroom areas. This creates both a feature wall for those entering the reception and privacy in the adjacent meeting room. The wide open spaces that this pattern provides allows for a perfect balance between privacy and light.

Another way of using a pattern for its functional purpose can be seen above with one of our recent residential projects. This elegant screen showcases our Tamrin pattern, an ideal design to create both shade and privacy. Located on a first floor balcony it offers support to a vertical garden as the leaves find their way around the pattern, maximising its level of privacy.

We’re passionate about patterns and how they add value to our products, increasing the functionality and offering additional design solutions to a space. Keep an eye out for some new additions to our pattern portfolio.

Decorative Screens

Shaping Spaces

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Finding functional decorative design solutions isn’t always easy, but at Tilt, we pride ourselves on balancing the two in such a way that the products we design and manufacture can tick both boxes. Introducing products that add to the personal experience of a space by improving the spatial arrangement or navigation within an environment and creating a decorative feature.

By applying multiple panels to form a decorative partition, our screens can be used to guide people through a space, create privacy in open plan areas or to simply divide a space.

A project we recently completed for a contemporary office space in Cape Town shows a series of hanging screens made from aluminium composite. This 3 panel approach functions as a partition, arranging the workspace effectively to enable a better flow of traffic and more privacy. The hanging approach is ideal for a lighter looking screen solution, suspended above and below using a mid-weight cable system, it appears to float in air. The wider pattern openings add to this sense of lightness, creating a partition that will never feel like a harsh barrier.

A series of screens we did for the recently opened Century City Hotel, form a partition between the reception and elevators. Highlighting a spot to sit and to orientate visitors to and from their rooms, the arrangement of the panels along with the pattern add their own set of bespoke features to this beautifully finished space. Towering at over 3500mm high and made from steel, they have a level of aesthetic lightness and contemporary elegance.

Applying a series of screens can really add value to a space, doubling up as a feature wall and a partition. These days we love our open plan spaces, but at the same time spatial flow is essential to help manage how we use a space. Our various screen designs allow for a wide scope of aesthetics from material, pattern and installation approach. We are always happy to offer advice on the most suitable approach for your project.