Home inspiration and Dividing screens

Home Decadence

You know what they say, “home is where the heart is” and what better way to express your style and personality than through the interior design of your home.

In essence, the furniture, art and objects in your home tell a very personal story by embracing the things you love most. Now, of course, we love our screens and so do our clients, especially when they become bold statements in pattern and colour. Sometimes through a bespoke pattern or dramatic colour choice – our products are all made to order, made to fit and have the pattern and colour specifically selected.

Collaborating with Interior Design Studios such as Helen Sierra Interiors, Fox Browne Creative and So Studio, their visions were brought to life. From privacy screens in a lounge area to grandiose feature screens for a master bedroom. Each project embodies eye-catching style, colour, pattern, design and personality.