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Functional Patterns

Functional Patterns for laser cut room divider screens

Our screens have always served a purpose from dividing a space to creating privacy, but have you ever thought about how your choice of pattern can influence the function of your screen.

From an obvious perspective, patterns are often used purely for their aesthetic appeal, whether you like the boldness of a geometric pattern or the natural flow of an organic pattern, patterns add personality and style to any space.

While your pattern choice [and colour] will define the look of your screen and add to the aesthetics of a space, so can they become useful in terms of concealing an object or area, providing privacy or creating shade.

Our patterns vary in terms of the level of detailing and size of the cutouts. Our Nova pattern, for example, is a detailed design where strings of dots run across the screen allowing the least amount of light through. This design is perfect to use when wanting to conceal an object or an area.

In contrast, our Drift pattern, used on this set of screens at a contemporary office space in the Portside Tower, marginalises the openness between reception and boardroom areas. This creates both a feature wall for those entering the reception and privacy in the adjacent meeting room. The wide open spaces that this pattern provides allows for a perfect balance between privacy and light.

Another way of using a pattern for its functional purpose can be seen above with one of our recent residential projects. This elegant screen showcases our Tamrin pattern, an ideal design to create both shade and privacy. Located on a first floor balcony it offers support to a vertical garden as the leaves find their way around the pattern, maximising its level of privacy.

We’re passionate about patterns and how they add value to our products, increasing the functionality and offering additional design solutions to a space. Keep an eye out for some new additions to our pattern portfolio.