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First Impressions: Making An Entrance With Our Decorative Feature Screens

The power of first impressions

The importance of a sense of arrival continues to appear in the entrances of homes, office atriums and apartment lobbies. It can often bring with it a first impression; a long-lasting memory and sometimes subconscious feeling that essentially acts as an introduction and holds importance for both owners and visitors alike. With this in mind, and given the versatility of our designs and applications, we can create meaningful first impressions with our decorative feature screens.

It’s often said that a home is an extension of your personality, and therefore you’d want the entrance of your home to reflect your individuality. Our residential cladding feature entrance screens for House Smyth in Melkbos, Cape Town is a perfect example of what to expect when walking into the home. The dark aluminium screens with minimal pattern against the white columns beautifully frame the rustic ocean view seen through the glass doorway. The ultimate welcome – where clean, sophisticated lines of the architecture and contemporary materials contrast the natural scenes beyond.

Consumers are savvier these days than ever before, therefore companies are required to connect with their customers on multiple levels to encourage trust and to be competitive. At BBM Law, a corporate office space in Johannesburg, visitors are greeted by metallic gold, aluminium composite (ACP) decorative screens with a bespoke design representing maps of the city of Johannesburg. You immediately have a comprehensive impression of the style and tone of the environment, letting visitors know exactly what they are walking into from the front door. Bringing opulence and exclusivity to the reception area, the space already gives a sense of quality and expertise.

 Tilt Screens | Feature Screens

All of our laser-cut screens are fully customisable and applicable to any function and environment, making it an exclusive and personal addition to any space. Remember, you have only one chance to make a first impression. Visit our projects page for some ideas.