Elevate an Interior with Colour, Pattern & Texture

Decorative detailing, accent colours and pattern are ideal ways to create visual interest within a space. Usually, by applying painted feature walls, wallpaper or softer furnishings such as chairs and cushions, a room can become aesthetically balanced and complete. Such elements can either tie components together or form an eye-catching feature. Such was the case with our recent project with Paragon Interiors for Ascendis Health.

Our unique screen designs for this project demonstrate how feature walls can become more than just decoration. Dividing the space and introducing vibrancy and texture, they add a contemporary design edge and contribute to a well planned out office space.

Some tips on what to consider when choosing a feature screen:
The first step in selecting the right feature screen is to take note of the most suitable spatial arrangement and where your eye is drawn to when entering the room. Use the screen to help navigate people around a space. Avoid positioning it in the centre of smaller spaces as this will obstruct and give the impression that the room is smaller than it really is.
For colour, select a shade that either complements the existing scheme of the interior or brings a new colour into the space. Sometimes the pattern brings enough detailing and interest, therefore a more neutral colour may work best. Darker or lighter tones can work wonders on the harmony of an interior, making your feature wall the lynch-pin that brings a room’s aesthetic together.

If you’re feeling bold, choose a colour that will be emphasised solely through the screen itself. This approach can elevate an interior and give it an energetic feeling that’s sure to transfer to its occupants – this style is ideal for a creative working environment, where minds need to be sharp and stimulated at all times.

Patterns can be bold and different within a single space, as long as you use colour to tie everything together. The image below is a good example of this, where the screen not only divides the room and adds additional colour, it also emphasises the wallpaper opposite it. That is exactly the kind of style and sophistication a perfectly placed feature screen can add to your space!