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Creative Boundaries

Balustrades and Design

Exterior balustrades have always been used as a functional and decorative element to a building. Now with the advancement of manufacturing processes – the possibilities for pattern applications are endless. A recent project for the Hollow on the Square hotel in Cape Town demonstrates how our perforated screens transform into a 32-meter long balustrade. Forming and transforming a walkway into a plaza-style cafe experience. Enhancing the space, not only through functionality but through design, our leaf inspired Tropi pattern, mimics organic elements and brings dappled shadows that compliment the large tree-lined square that the hotel is situated on.

Coetzenberg Stadium, a current project in progress, brings the concept of pace and speed and dynamic movement through pattern design and application.

Here are 5 benefits of using Tilt screens for balustrades.

Create a contemporary look and eye-catching feature

Robust and weather resistant

To allow a feeling of light and privacy through pattern design

To give the illusion of space

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