Cool calm and connected screens room dividers

Cool, Calm and Connected

The role of laser cut room divider screens in relaxation

Through natural light and views of nature, research has proven that spaces with these characteristics can have positive wellness benefits.

We were recently involved in a collaborative project with Manuela Interior Design at The Hydro Lifestyle Spa in Stellenbosch, where nature seems to have such a strong impact in the mood and style of the space. Our Folia design was selected for partitioning screens that then add to the tranquillity and relaxing environment by creating not only a nature-inspired aesthetic but private spaces that allow patrons to be free from others passing by.

Using our Folia pattern from our Botanical range, the leafy like design presents a sense of scale, texture and materiality that compliments the Zen interior and natural surrounds.

Exploring the concept of Salutogenic design (designing for wellness) our screens will offer so many benefits…

Some things to consider when choosing a Tilt screen to create your very own spatial experience and sanctuary:

Function – The application of our panels ranges from decorative partitioning in an interior space for more privacy and quiet time, to creating a contemporary pergola with the perfect dappled shading to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Colour and mood – For a peaceful atmosphere you can choose colours such as blue, green or grey. Alternatively consider neutral earth colours, which will give you a feeling of being connected to nature.

Pattern – choose something that has a feel-good factor. Everyone feels happy when seeing something that reminds them of a positive memory, a favourite place, someone close or a connection with nature and the surrounding environment. Simplicity is also key. This can either be a design that is very minimal or then repeats simple shapes. Both of which are more soothing, especially when organic forms are applied. Your choice of pattern will also determine how much light, visibility and air flow through. Creating a space that nurtures your energy and at the same time brings openness and lightness.

Happy relaxing!