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Laser Cut Screens for Design Hotels

In the luxury hotel world, creating a unique 360-degree experience is key. With this, the design story has a huge role to play in the customer journey, from the architecture of the building to the interior design, spatial arrangements, soft furnishings, lighting and smell. Design Hotels, in essence, have become a visionary approach to an ever-changing competitive hospitality industry.

Interior Designers, Architects and Hotel Owners now need to pull out all the stops to impress and attract guests providing them with a unique and one of a kind stay. We have recently been a part of some inspirational projects following this trend.

Decadent, bright copper coloured screens in the lobby and dining areas for The Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Lusaka, Lusaka. Rich, very matt black branch inspired screens for Hollow on the Square Hotel, Cape Town and a long row of elegantly tall sliding screens run through the dining space at the newly rejuvenated Houghton Hotel, Johannesburg.

Offering creative and spatial design solutions in collaboration with Hotel Owners, Interior Designers and Architects, our screens transform spaces by defining and separating areas, adding graphic focal points and creating sociable levels of privacy without seclusion. With a diversity of pattern, colour, and form, we can create unique design elements, adding to the overall authentic experience and uniting the complete concept of the hotel.

Featuring collaborative projects with:

Louis Karol Architects – The Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, Lusaka

Hillary Brotherton – Hollow on the Square, Cape Town

DSGN – The Houghton Hotel, Johannesburg