Brilliant Metallics: Bring a little magic into your home


This year has seen a clever indoor and outdoor use of metallics. Designers have decided to move away from the traditional focus of an individual metallic and instead, play with a warm, sophisticated colour palette including gold, silver, bronze and rose. All shades have been popular this year – and the metallic look is likely to gain even more popularity in 2021!

Aluminium is the top material to use for dividing and privacy screens because we can apply any metallic colour to make your space shine bright.

Warm tones. Sophisticated palette


Gold and pearl beige tones are flattering and delicately glamorous with an inviting appeal. The aluminium sliding screens that we manufactured for the upmarket Houghton Hotel, in Johannesburg, reflect a warm, alluring charm that makes guests feel at home. We laser cut a bespoke pattern into the screens, which provides privacy while still exuding sophistication. Metallics can also blend, or contrast with brass and/or copper which adds an elegant touch to the space.

Alumininium Composite Laser Cut Screen


The incorporation of dark, cool tones and bright warm metallics create a sensational contrast. This can be seen at a residential home in Cape Town. We manufactured window screens, with a bespoke pattern, which provide shade, privacy and aesthetic sophistication.

As you can see, the floor-to-ceiling window lets in light while the window screens provide privacy. The dark tone of the wall complements both. The ‘warm, dark and transparent sequence adds one-of-a-kind character to the home.


Copper tones work amazingly well with minimalistic commercial interiors. We manufactured cladding and feature walls for the retail sections of The Marc shopping centre in Sandton. The result is a beautiful aesthetic that complements the minimalistic look and feel.

It’s clear that using metallics to accentuate indoor and outdoor spaces is without a doubt, the hot trend of 2020 – 2021. Its versatility is endless, and the look is timeless.
Choose a design that suits, and reflects, your individuality from our pattern library. It’s time to play with metallic tones this summer.


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