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Reaching New Heights

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A big thank you to By Design interiors, who showcased our beautiful and distinctive ceiling screens for their stand at Decorex JHB 2016. Our unique bespoke design based on our Geometric – Okinawa pattern and made from Aluminium Composite paneling contributed to the wide display of colours, materials and finishes exhibited on the beautiful stand.  By Design received an award of excellence for their spotlight stand. Well done to everyone involved!

So here’s an afterthought… Summer is on its way and most of us enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, where you practically live outside because the summer air wouldn’t want it any other way. Imagine sitting outside under our unique laser cut screens that cleverly adapts into a pergola, creating a cool shadowy space with the perfect filter of light allowing you to enjoy the delights of a gorgeous summer’s day …

Functional Patterns

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Our screens have always served a purpose from dividing a space to creating privacy, but have you ever thought about how your choice of pattern can influence the function of your screen.

From an obvious perspective, patterns are often used purely for their aesthetic appeal, whether you like the boldness of a geometric pattern or the natural flow of an organic pattern, patterns add personality and style to any space.

While your pattern choice [and colour] will define the look of your screen and add to the aesthetics of a space, so can they become useful in terms of concealing an object or area, providing privacy or creating shade.

Our patterns vary in terms of the level of detailing and size of the cut outs. Our Nova pattern, for example, is a detailed design where strings of dots run across the screen allowing the least amount of light through. This design is perfect to use when wanting to conceal an object or an area.

Portside Patter_03

In contrast, our Drift pattern, used on this set of screens at a contemporary office space in the Portside Tower, marginalises the openness between reception and boardroom areas. This creates both a feature wall for those entering the reception and privacy in the adjacent meeting room. The wide open spaces that this pattern provides allows for a perfect balance between privacy and light.

House Lakeside Pattern_02

Another way of using a pattern for its functional purpose can be seen above with one of our recent residential projects. This elegant screen showcases our Tamrin pattern, an ideal design to create both shade and privacy. Located on a first floor balcony it offers support to a vertical garden as the leaves find their way around the pattern, maximising its level of privacy.

We’re passionate about patterns and how they add value to our products, increasing the functionality and offering additional design solutions to a space. Keep an eye out for some new additions to our pattern portfolio.

Shaping Spaces

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Finding functional decorative design solutions isn’t always easy, but at Tilt, we pride ourselves on balancing the two in such a way that the products we design and manufacture can tick both boxes. Introducing products that add to the personal experience of a space by improving the spatial arrangement or navigation within an environment and creating a decorative feature.

By applying multiple panels to form a decorative partition, our screens can be used to guide people through a space, create privacy in open plan areas or to simply divide a space.

Corporate office dividing screens

A project we recently completed for a contemporary office space in Cape Town shows a series of hanging screens made from aluminium composite. This 3 panel approach functions as a partition, arranging the workspace effectively to enable a better flow of traffic and more privacy. The hanging approach is ideal for a lighter looking screen solution, suspended above and below using a mid-weight cable system, it appears to float in air. The wider pattern openings add to this sense of lightness, creating a partition that will never feel like a harsh barrier.

A series of screens we did for the recently opened Century City Hotel, form a partition between the reception and elevators. Highlighting a spot to sit and to orientate visitors to and from their rooms, the arrangement of the panels along with the pattern add their own set of bespoke features to this beautifully finished space. Towering at over 3500mm high and made from steel, they have a level of aesthetic lightness and contemporary elegance.


Applying a series of screens can really add value to a space, doubling up as a feature wall and a partition. These days we love our open plan spaces, but at the same time spatial flow is essential to help manage how we use a space. Our various screen designs allow for a wide scope of aesthetics from material, pattern and installation approach. We are always happy to offer advice on the most suitable approach for your project.

The Great Indoors

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Many of our patterns are inspired by nature. We like the fact that it can bring a dynamic yet calming effect to the mood of a space. We particularly like the idea of things looking like they’re climbers creeping up a wall or sprouting up as if they were literally growing from the space.

Although we use a variety of materials, the sheet metal undergoes the biggest transformation from a cold, blank sheet into something organic and subjective. This contrast of material with pattern makes the final result all the more surprising.

Elevate an Interior with Colour, Pattern & Texture

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Decorative detailing, accent colours and pattern are ideal ways to create visual interest within a space. Usually, by applying painted feature walls, wallpaper or softer furnishings such as chairs and cushions, a room can become aesthetically balanced and complete. Such elements can either tie components together or form an eye-catching feature. Such was the case with our recent project with Paragon Interiors for Ascendis Health.

Our unique screen designs for this project demonstrate how feature walls can become more than just decoration. Dividing the space and introducing vibrancy and texture, they add a contemporary design edge and contribute to a well planned out office space.

Some tips on what to consider when choosing a feature screen:
The first step in selecting the right feature screen is to take note of the most suitable spatial arrangement and where your eye is drawn to when entering the room. Use the screen to help navigate people around a space. Avoid positioning it in the centre of smaller spaces as this will obstruct and give the impression that the room is smaller than it really is.
For colour, select a shade that either complements the existing scheme of the interior or brings a new colour into the space. Sometimes the pattern brings enough detailing and interest, therefore a more neutral colour may work best. Darker or lighter tones can work wonders on the harmony of an interior, making your feature wall the lynch-pin that brings a room’s aesthetic together.

If you’re feeling bold, choose a colour that will be emphasised solely through the screen itself. This approach can elevate an interior and give it an energetic feeling that’s sure to transfer to its occupants – this style is ideal for a creative working environment, where minds need to be sharp and stimulated at all times.

Patterns can be bold and different within a single space, as long as you use colour to tie everything together. The image below is a good example of this, where the screen not only divides the room and adds additional colour, it also emphasises the wallpaper opposite it. That is exactly the kind of style and sophistication a perfectly placed feature screen can add to your space!

Decorative Dividing Screens

Bespoke Cladding

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Add a touch of modernity to all types of buildings with decorative cladding and infills. New builds and existing structures are given an edge of high-end design by the addition of decorative cladding. It’s a simple way to modernise, create a focal point, or conceal a particular part of a building.

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Facades & Cladding

Our new range of Spring inspired patterns

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Throughout history, designers have taken inspiration from the natural world, where form and function co-exist to create beautiful organic structures, intricate networks, and flowing shapes. Great minds have taken solace and drawn ideas from the earth’s stunning landscapes and towering mountains to create some of the most remarkable man-made structures in the world.

It’s clear that humanity has a deep connection with the natural world, and it’s no different in the Tilt’s office. The innate kinship with the world around us served as the inspiration behind our 6 new eye-catching patterns.

Our botanical range has been developed from the shapes of flora, providing both contemporary repeat pattern and random pattern approaches. It attempts to understand the controlled chaos that’s evident in the network of plants, trees, and undergrowth in forests and velds.

Our organic range, developed from a wider spectrum of the natural world and science, is a modern take on random pattern but always with a sense of familiarity. Think rock formations, animal print, and cellular structures. With this range Tilt attempts to understand the science behind the beauty in nature and how it provides a foundation for the abundant life around us.


Three Ways to Divide Your Office Space

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Working in an open plan office can be as challenging as the hardest of Mondays. Even the best of us need to escape the hyper-active bustle of office life for a brief respite to gather our thoughts. But work is work, and we need to produce quality on a day-to-day basis so that management have their weekly reports and we’re not at our desks when our friends are sipping on their first craft beer of the evening.

The décor and layout of an office interior is one of the most important signifiers of a company’s culture and work ethic. Employees need to feel comfortable, looked after, and relaxed enough to be able to work to their full potential. In turn, visitors and prospective clients expect to see a professional and cheerful working environment.

At Tilt, our aim is to give you a functional and decorative design solution that will elevate your space.

By working with top architects and interior designers, we design and manufacture a wide range of screens to manage your space, creating privacy and dividing areas into functional work, meeting and recreational zones.

Let’s take a look at few examples:


Curved screens joined to form a freestanding circular meeting pod.  A functional zone designed to create privacy within an open plan space, the acrylic backing doubling up as a wipe board. The pod meets all the requirements of a private room, while allowing for more spontaneous break away sessions.


Our hanging screens are a stylish addition to any workspace, in particular this very large open plan office, which was in need of some large dividing screens to help organise the space. This suspended approach lends itself extremely well to locations with high ceilings, creating partitioning that is visually light and airy as it hangs in space.


These removable screens give multi-functionality to the work space. Separating without isolating work and play, this dividing system creates privacy for those to puzzle over a brief or brainstorm a campaign idea in the peace and tranquility of their recreational area. Alternatively, the screens can be removed if the larger space is required temporarily.

All in all, we appreciate that work ethics, company policies and employer behaviours are ever changing, and it’s with this in mind that we aim to create working environments that facilitate productivity and enjoyment.

Website Launch

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Welcome to our new website. We hope you enjoy our new look! Give us a call or chat with us on our new live chat option, if there is anything you would like to discuss. We also have a new quote form which you can fill in with the details of your project.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Tilt Team.